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AuditWare Development Co., Inc.
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Since 1989, we have been providing software to auditors of Texas school districts. Last year, more than one of every three school district audit reports in Texas was produced with "Audit I.S.D .for Texas School Districts", our initial product. On February 15, 1999, we shipped our second major product, "AuditWare for Local Governments", which provides the same time-saving features to auditors of cities, counties, appraisal districts and other local governments. This product may be used in any state. In 2000, we introduced AuditWare for California School Districts. Approximately 25% of all California school district audit reports are now created with AuditWare.

Do not hesitate to contact me personally with a comment, suggestion or for support. My desire has been, and still is, to build a company that not only has excellent products, but where support is the driving force of the company and not just a necessity for selling software.

Paul Shaw, Chairman and CEO

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