AuditWare 2019 Online Seminars

GASB 87- Getting Ready for Big Changes in Lease Accounting


Course Content:


An in-depth look at the significant changes in lease accounting under GASB 87 including lease recognition and measurement and the new disclosure requirements for leases.

Cameron Gulley is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and has had an accounting firm in Eastland, Texas since 1993.  Cam brings an expertise in the GASB pension benefit and OPEB pronouncements as a highly sought after consultant among Texas audit firms. Cam is a member of AICPA, TSCPA and GAQC.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, attendees should: 
1) Have a thorough overview of GASB 87 and it's effects on the Annual Financial Report; 
2) Understand the various methodologies that can be used to implement GASB 87 (hint: there's more than one); 
3) Know the extended lease classifications (or categories) and their implications on your reports; 
4) Understand the new disclosure requirements in the notes to the financial statements; 
5) Be able to apply the new and expanded definition of a lease and it's accounting implications for leases.