AuditWare 2020 Online Seminars

Getting Started with AuditWare


Course Content:


Initial training for beginning and prospective users of AuditWare.

Jon Shaw is a sales and marketing consultant for AuditWare working to develop training videos and online seminars. Jon will be teaching our
AuditWare Basics seminars this season.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, attendees should:
1) Have a thorough overview of the AuditWare program and its uses;
2) Be able to sign in to their AuditWare station and copy a file there from their computer;
3) Understand the various commands on the AuditWare Access Menu;
4) Know the basic steps required to produce the annual audit report;
5) Know how to make adjustments, revise page numbers, justify paragraphs, use Report Master for trial balance and other reports; 
6) Know the key settings used by the annual report; and
7) Understand the manual input involved with producing the report.