2019 Online Seminars

2019 CPE Offerings Now Published

We are pleased to have our guest presenter, Cameron Gulley with us again this year for two seminars on GASB 87 (Leases) and Mitigating Threats to Auditor Independence. We are also offering a new "Masters" class which will concentrate on ASCII Master and Report Master.

Our CPE seminars are designed to update you on the primary regulatory changes and to make “power users” out of beginning and intermediate AuditWare users. Attendance at the “AuditWare Basics” and “Update” seminars is encouraged for users to get a comprehensive overview of AuditWare and the year’s changes. Then attending the detailed, “in the weeds” training on more than 50 AuditWare features and settings, as well as exploring a number of tips, traps and tricks.

AuditWare Basics
CPE Hours: 4

AuditWare Update
CPE Hours: 2

Understanding the FieldWork
Module -
CPE Hours: 4

GASB 87 - Leases
with Cam Gulley - CPE Hours: 4

Auditor Independence
with Cam Gulley - CPE Hours: 4

Understanding the OfficeWork/
Settings Module
- CPE Hours: 2

Setting Up AuditWare's Chart of Accounts for ALG - CPE Hours: 4

AuditWare Masters: ASCII and
Report Programs
- CPE Hours: 2