AuditWare 2020 Online Seminars

How AuditWare Works at the Account Level


Course Content:

Attendance at an “AuditWare Update” or “AuditWare Basics” seminar or the equivalent in experience.

All users should know the basics of how AuditWare computes various amounts listed as accounts in the trial balance of certain fund types and converts them into line items of the financial statements. It is the “magic” behind how all AuditWare products work and is the basis for all future AuditWare products. This seminar will cover the six primary “Setups” which control the creation of basic financial statements, as well as any combining statements which may be active. For primary benefit of ALG product users, the steps in setting up a chart of accounts will also be covered, including steps for overcoming inconsistencies in the chart of accounts. This seminar is vital for new ALG users. For CSD and TSD users, it is an opportunity to “look under the hood” and gain a deeper understanding of how AuditWare works in calculating the annual financial statements.

Greg Shaw started with AuditWare in 1989, then moved to Arizona in 1992 to work in youth ministry for 15 years  before rejoining AuditWare as Business Administrator in 2007. Greg served as President and Chief Operations Officer for AuditWare in 2013 and Chief Executive Officer in 2018. Greg is our presenter for the AuditWare Chart of Accounts seminar this season.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, attendees should:
1) Have a thorough overview of the AuditWare program and its uses;
2) Be able to sign in to their AuditWare station and copy a file there from their computer;
3) Understand the various commands on the AuditWare Access Menu;
4) Know the basic steps required to produce the annual audit report;
5) Know how to make adjustments, revise page numbers, justify paragraphs, use Report Master for trial balance and other reports; and
6) Know the key settings used by the annual report; and
7) Understand the manual input involved with producing the report.