AuditWare 2020 Online Seminars

Managing AuditWare Input


Course Content:

Attendance at an “AuditWare Update” or “AuditWare Basics” seminar or the equivalent in experience.

Advanced training on AuditWare's FieldWork module including a deeper look at trial balances, fund level and government-wide adjustments, footnotes, fund and exhibit creation, manual schedules and more.

Greg Shaw started with AuditWare in 1989, then moved to Arizona in 1992 to work in youth ministry for 15 years  before rejoining AuditWare as Business Administrator in 2007. Greg served as President and Chief Operations Officer for AuditWare in 2013 and Chief Executive Officer in 2018. Greg is our presenter for the FieldWork Module seminar this season.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, attendees should have an in-depth knowledge of the FieldWork module and be able to:
1) Import trial balance data from an ASCII file;
2) Make fund-level adjustments;
3) Make government-wide adjustments and entries for the reconciliation schedules;
4) Perform input for all of the special schedules required by the states of California and Texas;
5) Use all of the 20+ FieldWork “Quick Keys” in trial balances and other schedules;
6) Provide the needed input and paragraph justification in notes to the financial statements;
7) Produce all 7 of the report types provided by AuditWare’s Report Master, including trial balance, lead schedule and variance reports and know how to change both their local and global settings;
8) Understand how the auditor reports (letters) are generated in AuditWare and how entries in the Questionnaire for the Letters affect the letters themselves;
9) Learn to use AuditWare’s “chart of accounts” entries for production of the government-wide financial statements; and
10) Perform the steps to produce the SEFA when necessary, including the new requirements to group by cluster.