AuditWare 2020 Online Seminars

AuditWare Annual Update


Course Content:

Attendance at an “AuditWare Basics” seminar or the equivalent in experience.

This seminar will cover regulatory changes from the GASB as they relate to the operation of AuditWare for 2020 along with improvements in the AuditWare program itself for this year.

Greg Shaw started with AuditWare in 1989, then moved to Arizona in 1992 to work in youth ministry for 15 years  before rejoining AuditWare as Business Administrator in 2007. Greg served as President and Chief Operations Officer for AuditWare in 2013 and Chief Executive Officer in 2018. Greg is our presenter for the Annual Update seminar this season.

Learning Objectives:

After attending this course, attendees should:
1) Know the primary regulatory changes affecting audit reporting this year;
2) Be familiar with the AuditWare changes and how to use them;
3) Have a comprehensive knowledge of the AuditWare Access Menu and all three AuditWare Modules in a fair amount of detail;
4) Know the basic steps in producing an audit report from importing the trial balance data to fine tuning the finished product; and
5) Be aware of the more in-depth AuditWare training available this year.